Business Studies OR Economics?

Published on by Sevi Fattahpour

Sevi Here again..


I just have a short but very useful post on business studies or economics.

If you are about to finish your GCSE's and are not sure if Economics is right for you to study in A-level, then i would like to help you out on this :-)


At GCSE level, Business studies is a cumpolsary subject and everyone has to take it. The big problem is that most people make a mistake of thinking Business studies is the same as economics!  If you like Business studies, then you need to take business studies at A-level.


Going off track... back to busines


Economics is an absoluetly fascinating subject if you like and have a passion for it, otherwise you are going to regret studying economics so badly!

Let me break it down for you...

When i was doing my GCSE's, i used to read newspaper's everyday and check whats going on around the counrty! For a 15 year old, that was a weird thing  but i liked it! anyway, i really liked economics therefore i decided to study it at A-level...

But here comes the biggest issue that an AS studet faces... 

-I felt economics is a hard concept

-i thought i can't cope with it

-i was thinking of dropping it  


luckily i didn't drop it and i felt weird about it just because i thought of it as business studies! i never thought they would go into so much detail so low grades etc.

However, i put my acts together and worked my way through it


NOW, here are some signs that you think of Economics as business studies (if you have any of these signs and think economics is the same as business studies then you will need to have another think about it!)

-Looking at individual companies share prices

-Wanting to learn more about marketing method

-If you think you have great entrepreneurial skills that may be useful in studying of economics

-getting an A grade in GCSE business sstudies, thinking you can get the same in economics(Of course you can but not with entrepreneurial thoughts

-and many more...


So please think carefully if you want to pick eeconomics since economics is a great subject which goes into a lot of details both in Firms and  national economy which is absolutely fascinating for some people and pointless for others.

In economics, understanding the concept is the key since there is no ready made solution for every single situation happening and understanding the concept lets you build a solution with a solid foundation which can tackle the issue raised by the topic.


Hope this article was useful :-)


To your success 




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