Equality & chaos?

Published on by Sevi Fattahpour

I've heard this word so many times from different people in different places so what is equality? Do we need equality? Is equality important?Is equality morally justified?and most importantly, what’s the myth about equality.

So what is equality? The Oxford dictionary definition of equality is “The  state  of  being  equal,  especially  in status, rights, or opportunities”.  So is having equal rights and opportunities important? Yes, of course it is. We are all humans and have been created equal so we should have the right to prosper and grow which is our fundamental right as humans but is equality in distribution of income Important? In my opinion, equality in distribution of income violates our fundamental right of equality as humans, which is equality in opportunities and rights. We have a right to grow and prosper and we can only grow and prosper if we work harder than others so simply equal distribution of Income seems like a vague idea because we are stopping people from working harder and growing by taxing those who earn more with higher rates so by this we are taking the opportunity to grow and prosper from those who have in fact worked harder than others which is the reason why they have earned more.

I know what you are thinking! This guy is mad, what about the poor? They might not have come from a wealthy family, what about the homeless? What about those who are disabled? They don’t have the opportunities that rich people do, This can't be right! Well, I was thinking like you just 6 month ago, in fact I was against free markets but everything changed when I heard this statement  from Milton Friedman in one of his debates and this statement will answer all of your questions. He said to an academic socialist that “I believe you are wrong about equality, because you made a mistake between equality in distribution of income and equality in opportunity. We need equality in opportunity, not equality in income. Helping people in distress and giving them the opportunity to grow and prosper like others is totally different from making everyone equal”. This statement changed my ideology! Because I always felt sorry for those who didn’t have the opportunity to grow and prosper or to get an education because they were poor but what I realised was that 1.the government's only role is to give this opportunity to those who need it so they can get a decent education and work hard and earn their success and 2.We don't need to have a socialist agenda.


However, sadly, this isn’t the case. The government is instead trying to make everyone equal which isn’t what the poor needs because at the moment, poor people will stay poor and have no way out of poverty because they have no incentive to work hard or even work at all so our so called safety net, is now a fishing net which makes them stay poor for generations due to being dependant on the state.We need equality in opportunity, we need to help those in distress but we don't need to make everyone equal because we can never create wealth and opportunity this way. Inequality in distribution of income creates an incentive for people to work hard and get to where the rich is today. If it isn't for this incentive, no one tries harder and works harder. Nothing feels better than earning your own success and money.

The government's role is to give the opportunity to grow and prosper to those who need it, not by creating equality in income among all because people won't grow and prosper due to the disincentive created by the government.


So how can the government create this opportunity? Well, first of all, we need to get rid of public schools so we can have high quality education and more choice for everyone through school vouchers, so the voucher goes to those in need, not those who can afford education by themselves. This way, we have created equal opportunity for the poor so they can enjoy high quality education just like others and we have only helped those in need, not simply everyone which helps to take the tax burden away from tax payers and isn't just an automatic entitlement.Secondly, we need to impose a flat rate income tax and lower it as much as we can to give this incentive to the poor to grow and prosper and to earn more so they can get  to where they want. This will also attract investment from abroad and will have lots of other benefits for the economy and thirdly, we need to cut entitlements to the level that people prefer low paid employment to welfare benefits and these welfare benefits should be means tested too and should go to the people who really need it so they can get out of absolute poverty and the tax free threshold should be raised to £12,000 which creates incentive to work and avoids the poverty trap.

This is what we need as a nation to grow, prosper and succeed. We should have this culture that today’s poor won't stay poor, but they walk up the income ladder and improve their life by working hard themselves, This is what we need to teach to our children that hard works eventually pays off. 


If you still believe in income equality, I would say this to you, that the only thing that can reduce absolute poverty and eventually eliminates it for this generations and the generations after, is the free enterprise system which gives everyone the opportunity to lift themselves up from poverty by allowing them to start a business or pursue their dreams with nothing stopping them, under the rule of law. Income equality won't bring anything apart from poverty, negative economic growth and the culture of dependency and a stigma for those who work hard and become rich and the day will come that the nation will run out of money because as a result of making everyone equal, there will no rich person that can be soaked to pay other people's income, So let liberty do its work and grow us as individuals and as a nation because freedom bring the opportunity that we need.

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