Should National Health Service (NHS) Be Privatised?(Privatisation or Nationalisation)

Published on by Sevi Fattahpour

Should National Health Service aka NHS be privatised?

There are a number of benefits and problems associated with privaisation which i have discussed in this presentation.

National Health Service is a nationalised industry/body which offers free health care to everyone. It was intended to give those in need access to free health care in order to avoid problems which would arise out of people not being able to afford health care e.g. increased number death etc


NHS can be seen as a form of universal benefit now since anyone from any income group can have access to it. So this mean rich people have free health care too. This is regressive since universal benefits leads to higher taxation (e.g NHS) and this means poor gets heavily taxed.


Now watch the presentation and see whther the current system is doing well or not.

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